We enjoy coming to school everyday!

Welcome to the blog of MJT. We are a Grade 4 class in Victoria, Australia. We are new to blogging, but are slowly getting the hang of it and are really enjoying connecting with people from all over the world. We will use this blog to keep everyone updated on the happenings of our team. We are just learning about making our mark on the global online community and hope we can provide you with quality material. You will be able to find photos of us working, samples of our marvelous work and anything else that we are doing in and out of our room.

To help people get more of an understanding of who we are, as a class we discussed what sets us apart from others. Here is a list of the top 10 attributes that we think help define us. Here they are:

  1. We aren’t a class; we’re a TEAM. (We’re all friends, we help each other, challenge one another and we’re there for each other.)
  2. We set high but reasonable expectations for ourselves and others.
  3. We take our school work seriously (but also have fun!).
  4. We have set ourselves guidelines and follow these to help us achieve.
  5. We like to use visual media to help us learn.
  6. We like to promote our diverse range of cultures.
  7. We think that we show resilience in the face of a challenge.
  8. We have the courage to go out of our comfort zones.
  9. We have a great teacher (the students wrote that!) 

Last but not least…

   10.  We enjoy coming to school everyday!


To find more about what we are up to please follow the links below, or alternatively you can use the navigation bar at the top of the page.

News and Updates 

This is where you will find any news relating to our team. Check here for exciting things happening around our school. There will also be weekly challenges!

Student Reporters 

Each week students will be taking control of the blog and will be reporting on things from our room. Here you’ll find photos, videos and interviews of the legends of MJT.

Kitchen and Garden Program 

Check in here for our fortnightly ‘paddock to plate’ program. You’ll be able to find recipes and photos of the delicious food we are creating, using ingredients straight from our school garden.

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