Blogging Guidelines

How to write a quality blog post.

Posting on a blog can be easy. All you need is a blog. blogs can be used for a number of different purposes. You can use it to showcase photos, share news, teach others or simply, a way to express yourself through different media. Regardless of your chosen reason to blog, your post needs to have substance (that’s if you want people to interact and visit frequently). Substance basically means that you post needs to be QUALITY.

As a class, we have brainstormed what we believe makes a blog post quality. We have browsed blogs from all over the world and we have formed these guidelines to help us when we are blogging.


Each post needs to be introduced. This will explain what the post is about. This is where you explain the WHAT, WHO, WHEN, WHERE and WHY.


This is where all the information is. It should be the biggest part of the post!

  • Provide lots of relevant information about the post.
  • Use visual media to add more substance to the post.
  • Make sure you use paragraphs

Make sure all the work is original, NO STEALING!


This is where you sum up all the main points from the post. Give a little sense of how you or anyone involved felt after the experience.



We hope that this will allow our posting in future to grow and become better the more we practice. Please let us know what you think of our guidelines and if you have any advice for us, please share!



How to write a quality comment.

Today for writing we were learning to write a quality comment.
MJT learnt how to comment in a letter format, give an opinion, ask questions and to make sure we are adding to the conversation.
One word comments, we felt, didn’t serve any purpose at all, so our goal is to not comment with just one word.

Below is an info-graph to help anyone write a quality comment on a blog post.


Have a go in the comments below at writing a quality blog post. Comment on the importance of writing a quality comment.

Blog posting guidelines!

Please read the following guidelines carefully before posting on our blog.

Whenever we are in an online environment, it is extremely important that we act in a way that is safe for ourselves and for others. The guidelines set out below are in place to keep students safe so that they can enjoy blogging and learn valuable skills at the same time.


  1. Students first names, photos, video and school name may be included in the blog. (as long as permission has been given)
  2. Personal information such as surnames, addresses, email addresses, date of birth or anything similar will NOT be included on the blog.
  3. Any posts that are written by students are checked by the teacher before they are published and appear on the blog.
  4. All comments are also teacher approved.
  5. Students will be encouraged to comment on other students or class blogs with teacher or parent supervision.
  6. All students must have parental permission to comment or post on the blog as well as for their photos to be used on the blog.
  7. Any parents who leave comments are also asked to leave of any surnames. For example they could refer to themselves as “Tom, Deon’s Dad”
  8. All comments must be respectful.

All work is to be original there will be no duplicating of material without permission from the owner of that material.

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