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Can you figure out this weird math problem?

Below are a set of addition problems. At first they look like normal sums, but once you look at the answers, everything is not what it seems.

Can you figure out what is happening? How do we get each answer and can you figure out what the answer to the last problem is?





…Then what will…  


Put you answers in the comments. (Don’t forget to explain how you figured it out)


Colour Run.

Last week the 6th of May, Bourchier Street Primary held a whole school assembly for Mothers Day. One class from each section had organised to conduct a small performance dedicated to the lovely mothers of the Bourchier St. community. One of our very own team members, Amanda, won an excellent award for her great start to 2016. Well done, Amanda.

After the assembly the school held it’s second colour run. The Color Run (also known as the Happiest 5km ‘race’ on the Planet) is a  paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality. In 2014, the race was held in over 50 countries throughout the world.FotorCreated

Bourchier Street held the run around the large running track. Around the track the teachers stationed themselves ready to throw colour at the runners. The seniors students started the run first and quickly made their way to the finish line, looking like a rainbow by the end. Next were the middle school students and then the Junior. The last to cross the line were the Prep students.


faces 1 faces 2

It’s fair to say that it was a very messy, but a highly enjoyable event, promoting healthiness, happiness and individuality.




– Mr. T.

How to write a quality comment.

Today for writing we were learning to write a quality comment.
MJT learnt how to comment in a letter format, give an opinion, ask questions and to make sure we are adding to the conversation.
One word comments, we felt, didn’t serve any purpose at all, so our goal is to not comment with just one word.

Below is an info-graph to help anyone write a quality comment on a blog post.


Have a go in the comments below at writing a quality blog post. Comment on the importance of writing a quality comment.

ANZAC Poster


Today in library we read a book and completed a activity on ANZAC day, we coloured in a red poppy and made a poster with all our Poppy’s on it, on the Poppy’s you had to come up with a word that represents ANZAC spirit.


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